• 737 East 1180 South, American Fork, UT 84003

Small Line Service - Beverage Hot or Cold Fill 1-8oz Bottles

Our small production line is set up to:

  • Hot or Cold fill into Glass or plastic Bottles with ROPP(28mm, 30mm, 38mm) and CT caps. Run speeds fo 40-60 bottles per minute. Here we fill energy shots, sleep shots, beauty shots, concentrates, extracts, and syrups.
  • Code bottles
  • Apply either a front/back PS or shrink sleeve label.
  • Apply a neck band or capsule.
  • Pack into 2pk, 4pk, 6pk, 12pk, or 24pk.
  • Palletize, wrap
  • Short term warehousing
  • Final COA and QA release
  • This line is very flexible in the size and type of packaging that we can run. We do have a constraint on the pasteurizer at about 5 gallons per minute. So anything larger than 12oz would fill more slowly and we may not be competitively priced.